"Those were hard things for me to come by, and I offer them to you for what they may be worth." - Toby Wolff

Monday, November 28, 2011

Swamp Women (for Marion)

If we lived near each other, I would go bang on your door come midnight
though the full moon would've already disturbed your slumber...
the both of you, just staring at each other all googly eyed as you do...
but this night, I his hand to draw you.

In my plaid flannel PJ's,
grabbing the hem of your rose print cotton nightgown..
Come on, Come on   I'd tug
cuz you're not that old and your hip will survive the outing
into the swamp where we'd find old timber
and set it on fire with the gasoline of our piss.

We'd whoop and holler and get naked,
just to show Mr. Moon that we still got some magic in the kindest light...
maybe not in the full spectrum sun,
where our carriage tends to turn again to pumpkin
but in the dim light of the planets and stars,
our skin still glows and our breasts have some allure

at least the alligators think so ;)


  1. i completely love this piece!

  2. This is lovely! Can't wait to hear Marion's response :D

  3. LMAO! Annie, you made me laugh! You are so witty, girl. You know I have a wet & wild love affair with the full moon every damn month. You were here in February, though, and did not make the acquaintance of our fine, monster-sized, vampire mosquitos. BUT, we could do a naked moon/swamp dance even in February most years...but for those sneaky alligators....oh, fuck 'em, we'll stay on the railroad tracks and pray the 2 a.m. train is late that morning. (And we'll leave red velvet cake crumbs behind us to find our way back home....)

    I don't know what good thing I did in this life to deserve you, but I'm glad I did it. Not only do you write me crazybeautiful poems, but you turn me on to the best wine I ever tasted (and it wasn't that nasty shit you got at Hocus Pocus....LOL!) It's the "A" stuff. Thank you, Annie, for everything. Love you!!! <3

  4. So... the alligators like boobies. Gotcha. I'm with the gators.

    Sometimes I tell people this, when I'm feeling crazy. I say to everyone, Man, I feel like running naked through a cornfield!

    I get a lot of blank stares.

    This post is like that, sans cornfield, but with the same blank stare.

    Me? I get it.


    And I once set myself on fire because of my piss. I lost my eyebrows. I didn't believe gas and water/piss would not mix, and being an engineer, I put it to the test.

    They don't mix. Gas will still explode, even on top of a couple gallons of water, and a bladder full of piss.

    Trust me.

    - Eric

  5. I too am far hotter when it's dark out. I enjoyed this.

  6. Although the image is good, it wasn’t needed for these words. The screen in my head caught each hilarious scene. More than a few alligators think so too.

  7. Heh heh. I guess we all need a good swamp romp! LOL. Uh...Eric...I trust you. I'll pass on the self engineered engineering tests. And of course Anthony....you could paint it far better :)

  8. Not just the alligators. ;)

    Nice write, Annie!

  9. I love this!
    Of course I'm Swedish,
    so the late night skinny dip
    is in my soul.

  10. lol,, the truths you tell,, Ms. Annie,, :)

  11. Love the poem and the image. I'd wander into the swamp anytime with you.

  12. "...magic in the kindest light" I agree! thank you mr. moon :) very nice writing. (still smiling)

  13. If you and I lived closer Annie we would go out under the nearly new moon on Winter Solstice (Dec 22) and lie down to watch the Ursids meteor shower ... there's something magical about the night sky when the moon is at it's dimmest you know ... the moon has many friends but I am a lover of the stars. No alligators but there is danger still ... ha! only that we might freeze our butts off. xx Jos

  14. @ Eric - Heh heh. Thanks! Marion inspired it. I can't believe I actually walked through a swamp! I have her Ray to thank for it, and for gettin' us lost!

    @ Andreas - What does Swedish have to do with skinny dipping? Is it in the by-laws :)

    @ Glenn - And the tangled webs we weave, eh Mr. Glenn? Hope you and the Boss had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    @ Kass - And you'd be welcome. It is intriguing and creepy place all at the same time. Actually...at night...it would be pretty damn scary, and not just because of mosquitos!

  15. I thought you guys knew about us
    the only reason we ever wear clothes
    is the cold.

  16. @ Jos - Anything that made my big ass come off would be welcome! Why is it my best girl friends live so damn far away? Well, one of these years...Dec 22 in the land of my bloody new language. LOL.

    @ Andreas - Oh, yeah...well I thought that was all men, not just the Swedish!

  17. Gotta love those alligators...I think? Not only did I enjoy the poem, but that are some mighty fine and funny comments here too!

  18. I can't tell which I love more, the crazy sexy beautiful poem Annie wrote or all the crazy awesomely hilarious responses in the comments. (Particularly Eric's) Man, it's a toss-up. I'm still giggling, and the friendship the two of you have... well, it could outlight the moon on some nights. :)

    Hugs to both you and Marion!

  19. yeah, i agree. a ton of fun:)


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