"Those were hard things for me to come by, and I offer them to you for what they may be worth." - Toby Wolff

Monday, January 9, 2012

According to Facebook

According to Facebook I am smoking pot
According to Facebook I have left "the church"
According to Facebook my friends are of ill-repute
According to Facebook I am the latest newsworthy black sheep
for there is no greater pasture
than to drag someone else through the none of your business.

"Facebook is of the devil" she says
and I tend to believe her.
I don't go there
I don't even dare
because the grocery store isles are more filled with Annie
than any $2.99 per pound special on tri-tip.

I have a mirror
I have a soul
and God holds me beyond my push.
I have a heart that hurts just as much as yours.
And when you dwindle in your darkest hour...
those times when the sky and the earth meet as one inky blackness
enveloping a forgiveness you cannot find...

that's when you will realize I have learned something.

This egg splattered door will be your knocking place
and my knee the rest for your head.
That's when my Refuge
within His immutable echo of ancient truth
will be your harbor,
and some measure of grace and mercy
(perhaps more than I allow myself) will be served
until you can eat.

The black sheep have much to learn.
The white sheep think they should share all they "know".



  1. 6 months "clean" from facebook & i couldn't be happier. F*** zuckerberg hahaha :)

  2. I love this..."And when you dwindle in your darkest hour...
    those times when the sky and the earth meet as one inky blackness
    enveloping a forgiveness you cannot find."

    When I read your poems, I know they bleed from you...I can feel how much you put into them.

  3. Who knows? Perhaps Facebook is the Number of The Beast! (Save me, Blogger! LOL!)

  4. LOL!! I'm a Facebook addict. Do they have Facebook Anonymous??? :) Love this post!! It's sooo truee!

  5. Oh, dear, oh, dear, but surely I must be thought a bad influence. What a poem, Annie. Full of truth and wisdom. I have no problem with 'Spacebook' as Mama calls it. Nothing is either good or evil but thinking makes it so. We are only what we are and not what others makes us out to be.

    You are one of the purest sousl I know, full of love and light...and fuck anybody who says different. Love you, my Annie!! xo

  6. my first reaction to the piece is not knowing exactly what you are saying. this is something of a hallmark with your stuff. you do bleed onto the page, or fake it well. you start with facebook and produce a solemn mood at the end of this. you are a black sheep with much to learn from the white sheep. that works, and i think it works becuz you show the shepherd here. sheep are, after all, defined by their shepherd. but why omit punctuation in the end? looks odd. overall i liked it.

  7. Oh, so do you have a Facebook? ;-)

    I'd love to talk to Annie more!

  8. I so enjoyed this and where it went, and, ended.
    The problem with Facebook, The “according to” is coming from someone in Timbuktu. They aren’t seeing you, just a photo avatar.

  9. I never took to Facebook and the rumor mongers, deleted my account as quickly as I started.

    As for you sweet friend, we're alike in how we tend to bleed on the page. You don't need a flock to follow Annie, your truth is enough. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. there are those who wear their human
    and there are those who hide it.

    there aren't any others.

    why do people judge? to elevate themselves.

    we're all just trying.


  11. amen to this - insanely true.

  12. Nicely stated, Ms Annie...


  13. Annie, I'm having my troubles leaving comments for you do I must be brief.

    I read this to mean someone is dissing you on fb. How juvenile and petty. That would be a good reason to bail and not look back. I'mconvinced the best revenge is often indifference

    For the record I would have only wonderful things to say about you on Facebook. I'd also be willing to kick ass on your behalf xoxo

  14. Aarrgh!! Did my comment post?!

    I am kicking my feet above my head!


  15. We're all still figuring out social media -- and the main way we do that is by making mistakes.

    I still haven't figured out FB yet, but you catch a lot of what's going on there. :)

  16. You are Annie!
    You are an artist!
    You are human!
    You are worth knowing!
    Be you and be confident in your journey.
    I care!


Thank you for listening.