"Those were hard things for me to come by, and I offer them to you for what they may be worth." - Toby Wolff

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Underside

I chased the sun down
on my way
to what would never be a good idea.

But we tend to race towards the most inevitable collisions
wearing the colors of our last regret.

We've not yet learned
to be the docile companion of our own lessons.
Instead we hold court
and debate the details
while the big picture goes missing.

I chased the sun down
knowing full well it always wins.
I cannot catch it in my cupped hands -
delay the moment it hides
on the underside of the world.
Yet, when the moon recants the darkness
into a new beauty I wish to hold,
mistakes just seem as stars
that light the way.


  1. I have this thing
    For times sake
    We'll call it
    I go to god
    And beg
    Then try to negotiate
    The terms
    Of my surrender


    1. Ahhh yes. I've done my own attempts at negotiation. THANK GOODNESS the grace is always there, for free. I just ask. But receiving it is so much harder. Really taking it in and claiming it, instead of still feeling like a worthless creature. I like this little poem Chris. Makes me want to put out my white flag, with no terms whatsoever :)

  2. oh so true. interesting how we believe the light is where joy resides, so we're always chasing it. if we stop but for a mement and close our eyes we'll notice from within we glow.

    wonderful write. it touched me


    1. I'm glad you liked it! Yes, the thing we chase is the light we already have. It can't really be found outside of ourselves, and yet we keep on trying to go down that road :) Stubborn humans we are!

  3. "...mistakes just seem as stars, that light the way." I am going to try to remember this.

    1. I am trying to also Liza. Remember it, cut myself some slack, a good dose of self compassion, learn from the bumps and move forward!

  4. Don 't think I haven 't been here. It's fab. I'll have more to say :-)

    1. Muwah! I'd love to be in Provincetown right now, just shooting the shit with ya!

  5. mistakes just seem as stars
    that light the way....

    Blew me away....Chasing translates into a whole new meaning...wonderful ..wonderful...hope you are well..

    1. Thanks Manik. You know the funny thing is that I wrote this poem almost a year ago...but the last sentence was weak and just didn't work. So I left it, and then found it again last weekend. There was a strong breeze where I was sitting. It blew the ending into place :)

  6. Intriguing and so very true. Exactly what we end up chasing. Wonderfully imaginative. Love the last sentence.

    1. I'm always so blessed you read my poetry Anthony. I know you're not a poetry buff, so it means something to me...something important.

  7. I love the way your mind works...

    ... the way you think...

    ... you really do make a lot of things that make little sense... sensible.

    How are you, dear?


    1. Well enough Shoes. Well enough. I'm not sure I like the way I think all that much. I suppose writing helps to yank that snarled mess of yarn into something linear I can sink my heart into. Hope all is well in your world Professor!

  8. follow the light, follow tomorrow, never stop living


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