"Those were hard things for me to come by, and I offer them to you for what they may be worth." - Toby Wolff

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Word Cracking

I crack the world open
each morning
with a chiseled space formed
when my lips part.

It is a sign for you to enter
with curses or kisses...
my only preference
that either one, taste red.

I've grown chapped
forcing moisture in and out like a tide
my tongue fishing around
with no bait
yet expecting dinner...

this parched tongue
having forgotten the feel
of laying brick, building damns
that would hold the waters close
and the sharks at bay.

I am hearing new lessons
resounding with ancient proverbs.
You cannot reel a heart in
if you never cast fear upon a line of words.

I heard her holler "HENRY!!!"
the name flapping wildly,
intermittently soaring with longing,
mired in disappointment.

He smiled at her.
I envied her lips.

They were not dry at all.


  1. SPOILER ALERT - Sometimes I feel like this is just for Anthony...and that's just fine, cuz he is a non-poet reader who reads here and wants to know, like a real friend would. This is a poem about my in articulation...how hard it is to speak my wants/preferences, without hiding in the shadow of what people need from me and my co-dependence to be pleasing. I am breaking out of that, and it's HARD....oh so hard. The practice is exhausting. But I will keep at it. There is no intimacy without baring the truth of human spirit. The more you hide, the more you live among shadow.

    1. I am as usual amazed; pulled into the world you are able to portray, always unexpected. The visions of the drama portrayed I have come to imagine as more than observation, as personal experiences that haunted or continue to haunt. Some remind me of mine.. Mostly I’m just happy to be here and have these opportunities to immerse in your words.

    2. For the most part they are indeed, very personal experiences that are a part of my life. Sometimes I can write the experiences of others, and on rare occasion total fiction...but that is much harder for me :) Would like to work on it though, along with what Cohen does, which is attempt to write outside his personality. I have not been able to do that yet. Thanks Anthony!!

  2. I sooo liked this if the taste of red is like this poem then i want that too


    1. In my mind Passion is red. I suppose that's why I used the word. I want passionate words, whether they are disagreements or praises :)

  3. What a beautiful and sad poem at the same time. I enjoyed reading it. Reminded me of a part of my life I don't like to think about, but it was good revisiting tonight. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Sometimes it's good to revisit where we've been so we celebrate once more, how far we've come :) Thank you Yvonne!

  4. 'co-dependence', 'enabler', words that make it easier to express of oneself or for others to impart a judgement trying to encapsulate the compexities of relationships in life, to life. we are all co-dependent and enablers because we want to be a part of and a desire to be loved. i drink a glass of wine because i like the taste. the glass enabled me to capture the wine in a confined space so that i can taste it, maybe spilling it every once in a while but it does taste good. 'pleasing' is a positive thing and not to be considered a negative. when i smell the flowers they are pleasing and i'm pleased to smell them.. they are enablers and i am co-dependent to their waft.

    loved this piece, mi amiga. gracias for 'sharing' yourself

    1. That's all true of course. I understand your point when it comes to non-human carriers of pleasure. The issue comes when I try to please soemone, or omit words of truth in a way that deny who I am, just to make someone else happy or feel better. It is this lack of speaking up for my own needs and opinions that has parched me and held me back in my emotional intimacy with others. But I'm totally with you regarding the glass enabler for my wine :)

  5. No, you cannot reel in a heart.

    **blows kisses**

  6. i had to follow up in reference to my ramblings about 'co-dependency' and 'enabler'. i apologize for even bringing up these banal words to reference what you were speaking about in your lovely piece. guess your words directed me toward introspection and my fingers typed without personal filtering. i understand that 'mica' (used for resistance or conductivity in electricity) attire one wears when dealing with personal relationships. i do love your piece :)

    1. No apology needed. I took no offense. The great thing about poetry is you take from it in accordance to your heart...your concerns, your successes, your journey. It's all good. They weren't ramblings :) You go ahead and type filterless here. I don't mind it at all!

  7. I wonder what red tastes like :-) Great poem.

  8. Cast fear upon a line of words? I have to do that in order to reel a heart in? Well guess what, ms Annie-I'm-glad-you're-back, I'm willing to do that for a good heart . Or two .

    I like when you explain your poems because they become deeper and richer for me.

    Hugs from me,

  9. gorgeous choice of words and imagery

  10. the world is an egg where we live inside and feel blind.

    lovely sentiments and metaphors.

  11. love it,
    you swim like a fish,
    fish like a fisher man.

  12. so sexy in the end, the thirst and eagerness in them are shown vividly.


    lovely poem.

  13. red and hot, that's how we define love in life.

  14. word cracking is like line breaking,
    it does take talent,
    well done imagery.


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