"Those were hard things for me to come by, and I offer them to you for what they may be worth." - Toby Wolff

Monday, March 14, 2011

Balance of Give and Take

Oh, why not? Better than mute I suppose. Here goes nuthin...

Bifocal Univision Monday Photo Prompt

Every single day he soaked like a sponge, only that which brought him pleasure. There came, inevitably, a moment of maximum capacity.

He sat with his regalement, until mirth was spent and the jaw quivered with fatigue from the ack ack ack of merriment. "I am too joyous" he mused, and wondered that there might be more somber things to consider. Resting his weary smile, he thought to stretch his mind, out into the hearts of others...further, further out, taking in the spherical earth as his own concern and everything therein. The oppressive load bore down on every muscle starting with the corners of his mouth, far reaching to a tension born underfoot. He felt as stone, immutable, and while stoically stable (certainly such steadfast immobility had merit?) he lacked the ability to move in any direction at all.

Round and round his thoughts circled like concentric bands, torqued by each consideration without solution. Deeper and deeper he delved into problems until formulas mocked in indecipherable answers beyond his grasp. His shoulders hunched with the effort to rid himself of the monumental task of solving that which was beyond his control. Attempting to lift his head, he found he could not. Not a finger could he bend. So, to the Giver of his joy, he used the centrifugal force of his spiraling thoughts to eject a note...a prayer really...

"Please, restore my balance. I cannot be what I was, but I cannot be this."

Not immediately, no certainly not, (for lessons learned in an instant are just as quickly dispensed) but following a time where moments were disproportionate to their duration, his skin relaxed and lips pursed. Head separated from the statuary of his body. He stood, first on one foot, then the other, noting that balance came easiest with arms outstretched. A slight nod towards a passerby was rewarded with a smile that melted him fully. His eyes crinkled and his mouth spread as he chuckled, "Ack ack ack".

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