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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Clean" Energy

This is something I was working on a while back. It's crap...I know it is, but I can't seem to write anymore. It is the voice I have found and now I feel mute. It scares me. So here is something....crap and all....just cuz. Photo is kinda cool. Taken with iPhone and the 8mm camera app.

They sprung up like weeds
somehow perpetuating themselves
through their mechanical organs,
hard birthed with heads like that!

And the hillside
now littered
with alternative machines
looks ugly and unseemly
like Tommy James yard
after we forked it

The birds
confused by white wings
lulled by the hum
move upstream
like salmon

one by one
leech their blood into the fields
iron fertilizer
for green metal

(Commentary: 5,000 windmills dot Northern California's Altamont Pass. It is adjacent to the densest nesting ground for golden eagles and directly in the migratory path of red-tailed hawks. As many as 4,721 birds a year are killed by this alternative "clean" energy source. I once thought of windmills as beautiful. I took the photo above at a roadside farm along Hwy 88.)

Altamont Pass

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