"Those were hard things for me to come by, and I offer them to you for what they may be worth." - Toby Wolff

Friday, March 25, 2011


The weather is angry
and I assume it from somewhere
God perhaps
the direction pointed and furiously sacrosanct

the wind has an odd bellow
from beyond
making no noise through the trees, though they are assaulted
nothing so expected....
just a warning of encroachment
howling far off, yet already here
quiet HERE
but following
while vehemently moving

and the river has reached her banks
which seemed so inviolable
but she had a point
to break
and wishing now to saturate the ground with it
while we stand at the window with a wary eye

hmmm now, look at that will you? Better board the windows...cover the patio chairs...latch things, protect things...

but none of that is done
we just watch her
and face the anger


  1. The weather yesterday was furious. There was no other word. Flooding everywhere. Hail. Wind. I felt the anger was directed. I felt anger from others...like a shiver up the back of my neck. Assumptions! It is just that assumption which made the internal and external weather mirror each other.

  2. Tumultuous words! And how could I not dig it when you use great words like "sacrosanct"?

    (Awesome pic too!)

  3. Bubba - Sometimes a word will come to me like that...and then I have to look it up to see if it really fits. I'm always surprised when it actually does!

  4. not angry here,, just watching the weather,,,

  5. Oh, I do love a good storm, and with my read of above, it was provided. Thanks
    I agree, a good word, a new one for me.

  6. Grab your board and have fun. Storms like these don't happen often. It'll feel great when you get to shore. You weren't afraid to ride it.

  7. Mr. Glenn - Weather puts on quite a show. Sometimes we watch from the window, sometimes we watch from the midst.

    Anthony - Thank you. It's sunny today after a week of angry wet. A nice break.

    Travis - Surf board??? Oh no! No No No. Not a fan of being in the ocean. It's not a place for people. You're right about the shore.

  8. I'm happy you got your angry weather. :-)

  9. Marion - I still want to see a tornado. This was tame compared to that I'm sure!

  10. "she had a point to break" ... ohhhh i love that! it's exactly how storms feel sometimes too, wind urges rain, rain slaps everyone and riles the wind ... fantastic to remember just how tiny we are (despite our effect)on Gaia's back

  11. what else can you do? all the running around and boarding is senseless if she is that angry. glad it passed without too much damage.



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