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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fibs and Fibonacci

I have a talent for avoiding math, cultivated by my extreme anxiety over same. I think I am the first and last person to get a BA without taking one single math course. Perhaps I should have. I'm sold! I find this riveting, compelling and mysterious. I want to go find a sunflower and start counting!


It's difficult for me to just accept someones word...no matter how accredited. ARE YOU FIBBING ME? When they told me Pergo flooring was nearly indestructible, I balked. "You do understand I have two little boys?" So I took a piece home and lit it on fire. They were right. I ran Hot Wheels and Tonka trucks on it, Crayons and Sharpies. I generally beat the hell out of that plank and it still smiled at me with nary a bruise. Pergo got several of our paychecks and we got sore backs learning to lay it down tongue and groove. I have not been sorry, and for someone with acute buyers remorse over just about everything...that's REALLY quite an endorsement!

I am bartering my bookkeeping services for a new granite kitchen counter. I was told granite would hold up to just about anything. I balked. "Have you seen the mess I make when I cook? It looks like the top blew off the blender!" So...I got me a sample chunk. I smushed a blackberry and a tomato on it and left them all day. No stain. I left a puddle of olive oil, and another of wine, coffee, balsamic vinegar, and let them sit over night. NO STAIN! I burned it. I lit it on fire (yes...I'm a bit of a pyro) and I am sold on granite!

My husband told me to look into buying a Mac, because I am always yelling at my PC for hobbling along behind me when I need it to giddy-up! I had to poll Facebook, everyone I met, and bang on one myself at the Apple Store (they wouldn't allow my torch in there, so I'm not sure how it will hold up in a fire). I'm sold! I'm getting a iMac this week. I'll be without my PC for awhile and deep into the Mac learning curve, which hopefully isn't too steep. But I want to learn it now before I'm too old to remember which room my desk is in, much less how to work a computer. I'm excited. Be back soon.


  1. should give linux a shot! +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance! http://mightyideas.blogspot.com

  2. i'm not sure what to make of the why of it, nor do i know that it means necessarily that it is the fingerprint of the creator, but for darned sure, it is mystifying!


  3. Giddy-yup....



  4. I thought of buying a mac, but they're soo much more expensive. So I got a little HP netbook instead and named it Hot Pocket.

  5. Math as a science can reveal much. Many coincidences can be derived from the patterns of numbers. I have always been skeptical though. It is too easy to squiggle a line, to change a number, just a little, and a whole new theory will be found.
    I think you’ll like the Mac. I’ll never go back..

  6. good for you girl - i'm a mac girl myself and my purple iMac went strong for ten - yes TEN - years. only thing i will say is do NOT get the new OS (Lion) on it. we have it on our newer Macs at work and it's awful - tons of bugs. Mac used to never get viruses but they do now so get a good antivirus for Mac. And get yourself a copy of MS Office for Mac - worth every penny I tell ya :)

    PS - I got my BS with no math. Last class was Pre-Calculus when I was 15 and I said 'never again'. My BS required a year of science OR math (didn't get the BA cuz I'd have had to do 2 years of foreign language), so i took Bio pass/fail when i was 17 and never got near math or sci again, wahoo! :)

  7. the video is fascinating. this does seem to be a major building block of creation.

    i always wondered about pergo flooring.

    i've cooled on my mac. i've had it for three years. i need a new c drive. i've already brought it in for work. but even though it has slowed markedly, i still would rather use a mac on the internet than a pc. but i dislike the mac as a word processor. just me:)

  8. Aha... You're going to other side!
    Don't forget to check if they truly have cookies there. : j
    Have fun storming the apple!

  9. You're Awesome, I failed maths, but can proofread anything, my learning proofreading skills are eyes of an eagle, well someone told me that once, I don't think I could write like you do, but watch make one typo and I'll be all over you hihi

  10. oh jeez, i could write a book here but i have to get myself to work.

    so in a nutshell: i just got corian countertops. i thought the granite felt too cold and was too shiny. i love the corian! for what it's worth

    i need a new laptop. please convince me that i can handle the learning curve with an apple. because i the writer am ready to travel down a safe toshiba path.

    i'll be back. of course!

  11. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the Mac advise. Damn straight I'm getting MS Office. I'm addicted to Excel (it does math FOR you!). No Lion operating system eh? Hope there's another choice. I absolutely HATE Windows 7. Why do they always have to change things. I LIKE pull down menus. I don't need to see a damn button for every little thing. But then again...I think MAC is like that. So...

    I don't think I would even consider a MAC if it weren't for all the photography and greeting cards I'm doing. Photoshop and AI are enormous programs!!!

    @KJ - I work on a granite desktop at my barter job. You're right. It is cold in the winter...but I could friggin lay on it naked in the summer. Ahhhh. Closest thing I'll get to a pool. Also...Corian has no depth. The granite I chose is visually amazing. BUT, my sister in law has Corian and just loves it. If you don't do a lot of creative visual stuff then I'm not sure you would need to go mac. But you can damn well handle the learning curve if I can. I think the world will turn Apple eventually. That's my 2 cents prediction. I'm getting a seat. I think that keeping up with technology keeps my mind oiled :) And..the "safe" path often is lacking in any other adjective.

  12. the OS they just had before the recent Lion release is great, Lion is just getting a lot of boos by my IT guys for being so buggy :( i love it too for graphics - when i was in photo school it was dreeeeamy! :)

  13. Luck for me EcoGrrl, I got one of the last iMacs loaded with the previous operating system. They told me I could "upgrade" for free at any time, so I left well enough alone for now. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Macs are great and OSX in general is much easier than Windows, for most things. Plus you can actually run Windows on a Mac, if you feel you must.

    The Golden Ratio is so fascinating. It really is a beautiful example of the intricacies of our universe. Have you ever read Contact, by Carl Sagan? It has a very interesting take on math, creation, and spirituality.

    And it's much better than the movie.

  15. Matt - No I haven't...but I remember the movie being intriguing, especially the instrumentation and how things were being recorded and analyzed. I'm really kind of a simple girl, but I love to read about these kinds of things. I'll break out the book :)

  16. I've also spent my life avoiding math - my sister got all of the math brains in our family. This video is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    I love my Mac and would never go back to a PC. I think you will find that learning the Mac is very simple.


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